Caroline & Charles Sample Programmes

Recorder and Piano Programmes

- The fast and adventurous works of the 20th and 21st century are certainly the highlights of our programmes with the piano. We often juxtapose these with repertoire from the High Baroque period to create entertaining and stimulating experiences for our audiences and ourselves.

Recorder and Harpsichord or Spinet Programmes

- Our spinet programmes place greater emphasis on the earlier repertoire, whilst including some new works for this combination. The sounds of recorders and a spinet are very well suited to being performed in small venues, sometimes by candlelight, creating an atmospheric and engaging experience.

Recorder and Organ Programmes - coming soon!

Sample Programme Themes

A Stroll through the Garden

- In this entertaining programme Caroline and Charles take the audience on a musical tour of the spring garden.  Caroline uses renaissance and baroque recorders, from the tiny garklein floetlein to the great bass recorder.

Mr Handel & Friends

- Baroque music full of exuberance and virtuosity including works by Handel, Telemann, Fischer, Vivaldi, Parcham and Bach. Caroline uses a dazzling display of recorders from the sopranino to the bass. Caroline and Charles introduce the music, composers and instruments in their historical context.


- An entertaining and atmospheric concert with recorders and organ, piano or spinet featuring Baroque and modern music by British composers performed in small venues with historical or scenic interest of their own.

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